Deputy Editor-in-Chief


カロリーナ カメロ
Carolina Camelo

Deputy Editor-in-Chief,


コロンビア出身。現在、ジャーナリスト/気候変動活動家として環境・人権問題に熱心に取り組む。これまで国際機関・政府機関を始め、民間セクターでコロンビア・カナダ・英国・ペルー・スペインでの活動経験がある。英ロンドン大学(UCL)大学院にてグローバル・ガバナンスと倫理学修士号取得、コロンビアPontificia Universidad Javerianaジャーナリズム・コミュニケーション学部卒業。

Carolina is currently advocating at the UK parliament for children’s rights by supporting UNICEF UK campaigns against toxic air in London, vaccine-preventable diseases, and childhood immunization coverage, in an effort to strengthen health systems in developing countries while securing financial commitment globally. As a journalist, she has been actively involved in international development projects focused on empowering communities, delivering communication strategies, and influencing policy-makers to advance sustainable programs in Canada, Latin America and Europe.

As a Climate Change Advocacy Coordinator for CUSO International, in Peru, Carolina supported and delivered global warming campaigns by effectively mobilizing civil society movements at large-scale events such as the UNFCCC-COP20 and the People’s Summit. In the same vein, Carolina and her team were able to influence parliamentarians upon the impacts of climate change through high-quality articles, research briefs, and monthly reports on the UNFCCC-COP20 challenges for the ECO – Magazine & Climate Action Network, reinforcing key policy recommendations for further action.